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I am a Paediatric Occupational Therapist and registered childminder offering childcare for children individually or in small groups of 2 – 3. I am able to offer full time care or shorter sessions and try to be as flexible as possible to accommodate your needs. Nurture & Grow is an inclusive and educational setting where we use fun and exciting activities to promote every child’s individual developmental needs. My specialist knowledge of child development means that I can ensure that the activities we do are not only great, age appropriate and fun for your child but also targeting their development!

Excellent childcare is vital for children and I would like to help lay down foundations for them to become happy, educated, independent, confident and equipped for their next big steps in life.

Occupational Therapy can be a vital part of ensuring children with additional needs (and those without too!) reach their full potential. I believe that children are more able to participate and benefit from therapy in a consistent and loving environment. By integrating therapy into their routine within my home I aim to provide you and your child with the best of both worlds: excellent, caring childcare and Occupational Therapy focusing on your child’s individual needs.

I will endeavour to liaise with any nurseries and/or therapists involved with your child to ensure continuity in their care.

Parents are the expert when it comes to their own children and I would aim to involve you as much as you would like to ensure consistency across both the childcare and home environments.

For 2 reviews of the service, please visit: http://www.childcare.co.uk/profile/Tanya-van-Dalen/

I also offer advice and therapy on an idividual basis.