• Identifying Occupational Therapy needs, for example: fine and gross motor skills, sensory processing, developmental milestones and building these into the childcare.
  • Promoting fine and gross motor development with all the children in the setting such as pre-hand writing skills to ensure each child is ready for school.
  • Liaison with therapists already involved with your child and integrating current goals into the child’s fun filled day/session such as Portage, OT, Speech and Language Therapy etc.
  • Liaison with your child’s current nursery/school to ensure that the same approaches are being used across both settings.
  • Working through the government’s Early Years Foundation Stage with your child which focuses on all areas of development.
  • Accessing the local community for example the park or play groups.
  • Providing a loving and caring home environment within which your child can blossom and grow into their full potential.
  • Being registered as a childminder requires me to ensure that my home and childcare practices are of a high standard and includes regular OFSTED inspections.
  • Supporting YOU as a parent or carer.

Other services:

I am working with a local charity, presenting the Alert Program to a group of young people in Year 7. I am able to offer private Occupational Therapy to children and young people to help them manage their Sensory Needs as well as doing life skills training.