The Alert Program

Who is this program for?

Is your child’s teacher telling you that he/she in is constantly fidgeting, rocking on their chair or making excuses to get up and move? Are they disruptive and distracting the other students?

Or is he/she the child that doesn’t hear their name being called, is often half asleep and unable to focus? Do you feel the teacher often ‘forgets’ they are in the classroom at all?

Does your child struggle to sit still at the dinner table or do you often find them hanging upside down on the sofa watching TV?

Or does your child struggle to get up in the morning and seem to have no energy all day long?

Are these behaviours preventing them from accessing learning effectively or making functioning in society difficult?

Then The Alert Program might be a very helpful tool!

What is the Alert Program?

The Alert Program was devised by in the USA by two Occupational Therapists. It is designed to (Adapted from ‘How does you engine

  • Teach young people, teachers and parents how to recognize arousal states (levels of energy and neurological organisation) as
    they relate to attention, learning and behaviour.
  • Help young people recognise and expand the self-regulation strategies they use in different settings.
  • Give teachers and parents a framework to help children recognise and regulate their own arousal levels.
  • Help the young person, teachers and parents understand how their behaviour can be linked to their level of arousal.